Dr. Mary G. Alton Mackey

Dr. Mary G. Alton Mackey, Board of Director, Operation Eyesight

Dr. Mary G. Alton Mackey is an international consultant in food and nutrition with extensive national and international experience in health, food, and nutrition policy and program areas. Her expertise includes bilateral project management, project identification, proposal development, project implementation and evaluation (for both bilateral and non-governmental organizations).

She has worked internationally in East and Southern Africa, Asia (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka) and the Caribbean (St. Vincent). She has been a consultant to the World Health Organization and UNICEF and has had standing offers with CIDA and the World Bank. In Canada she has worked in Ontario, Quebec, and Newfoundland and Labrador.

Mary worked for the Memorial University of Newfoundland in developmental communications and nutrition, and conducted research with the aboriginal communities of N.L. She was a faculty member at McGill University and has served on expert committees for the Government of Canada. She has also served on other local, national and international boards of directors.

It was Operation Eyesight’s community-based, sustainable approach that enticed Mary to join the Board.

“Integrating high-quality clinical activities with community outreach that encourages healthy behaviours through water, hygiene and sanitation is exactly the approach needed in the fight against avoidable blindness.”

Written by Dr. Mary G Alton Mackey

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