Ms. Jaswinder (Jessie) Kubes


Jessie Kubes, Board of Directors, Operation EyesightJessie Kubes leads the Industry Engagement Office at the University of Calgary, AB – a new initiative launched from the office of the Vice-President of Research. The objective of the office is to foster long-term partnerships with industry for key strategic research areas.

Prior to this position, Jessie was the director of the licensing team at Innovate Calgary. Jessie joined Innovate Calgary in 2007 as the AHFMR forefront intern in the field of biomedical and life sciences, and signed on as a full-time technology analyst in 2009 after completing her internship. In 2010, she accepted a position as licensing manager in the field of medical and life sciences. She has nine years of experience in intellectual property management, licensing, agreement and project management, technology assessment and IP landscape analysis.

Jessie Kubes is a Queen’s University eMBA graduate (2017) and holds a PhD from the University of Calgary (2007). She also holds a master’s degree in medical sciences and her undergraduate degree in cellular molecular and microbial biology. Jessie was born in India and moved to Calgary with her family when she was eight years old. She currently lives in Cochrane with her husband and two boys with whom she enjoys travelling.

“It’s been a privilege for me to grow up in a country like Canada, where receiving proper and timely healthcare is not a challenge,” she says. “I was inspired to join Operation Eyesight’s board by their mission to prevent blindness and restore sight, and the team’s excitement and passion to support underprivileged communities in need.”