Colin Zak

Communications Specialist

With experience working in corporate communications and media relations environments, Colin is committed to telling stories that are inclusive and reflect a diversity of perspectives and voices. As Communications Specialist with Operation Eyesight, his areas of focus are global strategic planning and media relations.  
Colin has an undergraduate degree in Philosophy and completed a Master’s Degree in Journalism at Carleton University. His master’s research project was a radio documentary focusing on India’s Zoroastrian communities. In addition to working in newsrooms across Canada, Colin spent a decade working in Alberta’s healthcare system. He has led teams through times of organizational change and through the height of the global pandemic.  

Colin is dedicated to showing his four daughters the importance of empathy and understanding the perspectives of others. When he’s not chasing his kids around the house, Colin usually has a guitar or some other instrument in his hands.  

Why do you choose to work at Operation Eyesight? 

Every day I get to work alongside colleagues who are directly impacting the lives of women, children and men experiencing vision loss and preventable blindness. It’s great company to be in!

Languages spoken/read:

English, French (reading).

Authored by Colin