Gayathri Chittapu

Program Officer

Gayathri Chittapu joined Operation Eyesight’s India team as Programme Coordinator in 2019. She is primarily involved in training and capacity-building of clinical staff at vision centres, as well as ensuring the quality of hospital programs and vision centres. She is focused on planning and developing training programmes for partner hospitals, as well as in coordinating with training institutes like the L V Prasad Eye Institute and Arvind Eye Hospitals. Gayathri is also involved in monitoring projects and preparing donor reports.

Gayathri completed her Bachelor’s Degree in optometry and a Master’s Degree in public health, and is involved in training the paramedical ophthalmic officers (PMOA) in the Integrated Primary Eye Care projects. She has trained 21 PMOAs in Arunachal Pradesh and Singrauli. With a background in Optometry and public health, Gayathri utilizes both of these areas expertise to identify sustainable community eye care solutions. A key part of this work is strengthening the clinical quality of vision technicians and optometrist to provide quality comprehensive eye care services to all.

Gayathri is a big movie buff and loves travelling and exploring various foods. In her spare time she can be found spending time watching movies with her family. Gayathri believes that giving is happiness

What is your most memorable moment with Operation Eyesight?

My most memorable moments with Operation Eyesight are the smiles of all those people I have trained. When ever I visit a partner hospital to conduct any training, the enthusiasm of the candidates makes me motived to work

What three words come to mind when you think about Operation Eyesight?

Reaching the unreached

Languages spoken:

English, Telugu, and Hindi