Kristin Poch

HR Manager

Kristin Poch is a Human Resource professional driven by community, culture and new ways of thinking. As the HR Manager at Operation Eyesight, she strives to create an inclusive, compassionate culture that fosters authentic engagement from staff and stakeholders. In 2021, Kristin was recognized by the International Agency for the Preventable Blindness (IAPB) as an Eye Health Hero for her innovative thinking. In 2014, Kristin spearheaded the mobile retail movement in Canada, founding the Beatnik Bus, a mobile record store located in Calgary, Alberta. In her spare time Kristin can be found gardening, scouring local thrift stores and creating art.  

What is your most memorable moment with Operation Eyesight? 

My most memorable moment at Operation Eyesight was when some of our international colleagues travelled to Calgary for team building and our Annual Impact Celebration. It was so nice to connect in person, face to face in the same city. The opportunity gave us the chance to share, better understand the work, learn from one and other and build rapport that was incomparable.  

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