Levy Mueke Mwania

MEL Officer

Levy is a Monitoring Evaluation and Learning Officer with the USAID School Eye Health Program in Uasin Gishu, Kenya. His project management style is focused on setting realistic goals, creating actions plans and producing tangible results.

Levy has a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Health and before joining Operation Eyesight Universal, he worked with a PEEK Community Screening research project as the project assistant head. The program focused on leveraging technology to simplify screening, referral and monitoring of patients with eye problems.

Levy brings experience working closely with eye units, Kenya’s county director of health, Public Health Officers and volunteers in the community to ensure all patients identified during community eye health screenings receive care.

Levy is from a family of eight members, two sisters and three brothers. He’s married with two children, a daughter and son.

The knowledge and experience gathered during his previous job and the current one, have made him to be competent in both Community and School Eye Health starting from planning, implementation, managing and reporting on the same.

Levy’s hobbies are Travelling, acting, reading, team building and brainstorming.

Levy speaks fluent English and Swahili.