Sharon Panackal

Digital Marketing Specialist

Sharon Panackal is a Digital Marketing Specialist who strives to bring positive social changes through her work. At Operation Eyesight, she focuses on digital and print designs for global projects and events.  

Sharon completed her Bachelor of Arts degree at the Asian University for Women, an international liberal arts university with a mission to educate motivated young women from Asia. After following it with a Master of Arts degree in Media, Culture and Technology from the United Kingdom and work experiences with various international NGOs in India, she moved to Canada in 2019 to join Operation Eyesight. In 2022, Sharon was recognized as a Top 30 Under 30 by the Alberta Council for Global Corporation for her contributions towards making the world a more just, fair and sustainable place for all. 

Hailing from India, Sharon is curious to learn and develop new skills. Over the last three years in Canada, she has dived into skiing, pottery and paddle-boarding. She enjoys exploring just about anything that catches her attention. 

Why do you choose to work at Operation Eyesight? 

Although I’m half the world away from home, by working with Operation Eyesight, I can provide support to people back in my birthplace and around the world. It provides me a way to pay forward all the support I have received from people across the world to be where I am today. 

Languages spoken:  

Malayalam, English, Hindi