Taniya Perera

Intermediate Accountant

Taniya is a financial professional passionate about serving the community. She prides herself on being able to galvanize people from different backgrounds towards achieving a common goal. Tanya joined Operation Eyesight in 2021 and is engaged in International Finance Operations.   

Taniya is a Certified Professional Accountant in Canada and an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, UK. She also holds an MBA from University of West London, UK. Taniya has significant international experience, with exposure to multiple industries.  

Taniya is very passionate about community work. She has organized many community projects for over a decade in the country of her birth, Sri Lanka.  She is a social butterfly who always enjoys being with people and making new friends. Taniya loves traveling and exploring the world.  

Why did you choose to work in Operation Eyesight?

With Operation Eyesight, I am able to combine my profession and passion together. I am able to serve the community with my professional capabilities which gives me contentment.