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Woman sitting next to her grandson wearing eye-glasses.
Written by Admin, published on September 11, 2018 Sign up for eNews

Evans is 17 years old and lives with his grandmother in a small fishing community in Ghana. His grandmother works hard on her farm, earning just enough to take care of their little family. Sadly, Evans couldn’t help out at home or on the farm because he struggled with his vision.

He’s a seventh-grade student, but he could barely read or write. Three years ago, he was identified as having severe visual impairment when a vision screening camp was held in his village. But Evans never did receive treatment because his grandmother couldn’t afford the cost.

“Each year my vision got worse,” explained Evans. “I was worried I would go completely blind, and I worried what would happen if my grandmother were to pass away. I would have no way of taking care of myself.”

Evans could barely see at all. And because of it, he had to depend on his grandmother for help doing most daily tasks.


“I couldn’t read or write, so I didn’t do well in school, and I wasn’t able to play with my friends. At home I could barely do anything once the sun went down. I could only walk around in areas of the house that I knew well.” 

Fortunately, Evans’ school was part of a vision screening program being conducted by an ophthalmic nurse from Saltpond Government Hospital, one of Operation Eyesight’s partner hospitals. After screening Evans, the nurse diagnosed him with retinitis pigmentosa and referred him to the hospital for treatment.

“I wasn’t afraid to get treated. I just wanted to see clearly, so I was eager to go to the hospital,” said Evans.

And that’s when everything changed!

Evans’ teacher accompanied him to the hospital. There, he was thoroughly examined and prescribed prescription eyeglasses. Thanks to the generosity of people like you, Evans received a new pair of custom-fitted eyeglasses free of charge!

After two years of not being able to read or write, a pair of prescription eyeglasses has changed Evans’ life.

“Now I can take notes from my friend’s notebooks, and I can read. My vision is better now, and I can do things for myself again. I am very grateful to everyone who has helped me – to the ophthalmic nurse, the hospital and the kind people in Canada. Thank you for everything you have given me!

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