Thank you for giving new hope to people like Akua and Irene!

Photo by Helena Lopes from Pexels
Written by Aly Bandali, Former President and CEO, published on April 23, 2019 Sign up for eNews

(Header photo by Helena Lopes from Pexels)

Many of our donors around the world celebrated Easter last weekend. Easter is often seen as a time of rebirth. This holiday welcomes the change of the season – the cold days of winter are done, and new life is born. Trees and flowers bloom and animals have their young.

Many of the people we help say that having their sight restored is like being reborn. Their sight gives them a new lease on life because they’re able to regain their independence, go back to work and care for their families. And children can go back to having fun and going to school when they don’t need to stay home to take care of their blind family member.

Your support has helped people like Akua…

Woman from Ghana had her sight restored thanks to Operation Eyesight's donors and partner hospital. She received cataract surgery and now she's back to living her life!

“I worried a lot and I was scared I would die early in life,” says 56-year-old Akua from Ghana (above). Losing her sight meant she had to rely on her children for financial support. Eventually she was examined and diagnosed with cataracts at Saltpond Government Hospital. She was initially scared of the surgery that could restore her sight, but a nurse named Gladys reassured her. Now Akua can see again! Thanks to you, she’s returned to work, selling fish and charcoal!

And little Irene…

Little girl from Zambia now has access to clean water thanks to Operation Eyesight's donor-supported water programs to eliminate trachoma

Little Irene (above) was born in 2012, three years after Operation Eyesight drilled a borehole in Siabaswi village, Zambia. She doesn’t remember what it was like to be without clean water, but her mother Katherine does. Women and girls could spend all day collecting water, and the unclean river water used to give the family monthly bouts of diarrhea. Now, thanks to you, children like Irene can get fresh water from a safe source close to home!

Your generous gifts have given so many people new hope for the future, but there are still thousands who need your help. Donate today and give the gift of sight and renewed hope.

Thank you for your incredible support!