The Gift of Sight restores a teen’s hope for future employment
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Jennifer stands with her teacher, smiling at the camera
With restored vision and the support of her teacher, Jennifer is performing well in school and she’s excited for what the future holds for her!

When Jennifer was in her teens, her parents noticed that her grades started declining. She was a bright girl, and even the teachers at her school in the Central region of Ghana couldn’t explain why this was happening.

Little did they know that Jennifer was suffering from vision loss. She first noticed at age 14 that she couldn’t see objects clearly from a distance. She developed strategies to deal with the problem.

“At first I would sit in the front row of the classroom, where I was close enough to see what the teachers wrote on the board,” she says. “But over time, I struggled to see even from the front row.”

Jennifer did her best to keep up with her work, relying on her friends to tell her what was written on the board. She never complained about her problem, feeling that nothing could be done about it. But her vision loss took its toll, and she struggled to keep her grades up.

Because of generous donors like YOU, there was hope for her future!

When Jennifer was 17 years old, Operation Eyesight sponsored a vision screening event at her school. An optometrist from our partner Saltpond Government Hospital diagnosed her with myopia, or near-sightedness. She was provided with prescription eyeglasses, and now she can see clearly, even from the back of the classroom!

Jennifer’s teachers report that she is much more active in school, and her grades have significantly improved. Thanks to her newly restored vision, she will be able to graduate from high school and find a fulfilling job!

Jennifer sitting in her class, writing an exam
Thanks to the support of someone like you, Jennifer can see again, and she is thriving at school!

You made it possible for Jennifer to see again, but there are so many others who needlessly suffer the way she did for years. Please give the Gift of Sight today and transform a life for someone like Jennifer!