Continuing our impact during COVID-19

Written by Aly Bandali, Former President and CEO, published on March 20, 2020 Sign up for eNews

Dear Friends,

As a health-focused organization, we have been vigilant in following ongoing recommendations from government authorities on COVID-19 in Canada and internationally. As an extension of our mandate to address eye health issues, general good health and well-being is a top priority for us. Starting this week, all of our staff members are working remotely from home. If you would like to contact us, please do so here. Our commitment is to keep our Operation Eyesight family safe, and to do our part to protect the community.

I’m sure you are also wondering about the effect on our overseas programs. Our leaders from our offices around the world are connecting to assess the situation on the ground to develop a list of urgent needs. As soon as we have this list, we will publish it to keep you up to date. Right now, we know that this crisis is preventing us from offering our outreach in communities who need us the most and that’s why we are pivoting as we learn how we can continue to make the most impact in the communities we operate.

Your support until now has prepared us for today.

Our communities are counting on us now more than ever and you are helping us keep our word to them. You are helping us continue to create impact amidst a global crisis. Thank you.

You have my word that we will be sharing updates with you as soon as we have them. Next week, you can expect a status update with more details about what efforts are needed to provide urgent support to communities around the world. I’m grateful knowing that we can count on your continued support. In the meantime, please ensure you are following us on social media where we will continue to communicate any significant changes that arise.

From our staff and our families, to you and your family, to our partners and beneficiaries in Africa and South Asia – we are all in this together. I’m sending wishes of safety and good health for you and your family.


Aly Bandali
Former President and CEO

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