Cataract surgery provides new hope
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Simon lives in Gathuthi Village, Kenya, on his family’s tea and coffee farm. Unfortunately, Simon started losing his vision around three years ago, and within one year he was completely blind. He felt like his life had come to a halt as he could no longer work in his farm. He says, “I could only see a blurry image and I couldn’t recognize people until they spoke.”  

Simon didn’t know where he could get treatment and thought that he had to live with blindness. “I felt so fearful that I had changed from being my family’s breadwinner to a burden,” he explained. One day, Simon heard news that Operation Eyesight was conducting a free screening and surgical camp nearby. The ophthalmologist there diagnosed him with bilateral cataracts and assured him that a simple surgery would restore his sight.  

Simon was transported to Kerugoya County Referral Hospital where he received sight-restoring surgery. He couldn’t believe it the next day when the doctor removed the bandage on his eye and he could see again. Simon and his family are very thankful to donors like you for bringing eye care services to the community.

You can help provide eye care services for more communities in Africa and South Asia. Donate today and give the Gift of Sight to someone like Simon.

Simon is happy to be able to see again.
With his vision restored, Simon is able to work on his family’s coffee farm again.