Eyeglasses do more than restore sight –they help ensure a bright future
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Seventeen-year-old Raveena lives in Manakhedi, India. Like many teenagers, she enjoys watching TV, reading and spending time with her friends. About a year ago, Raveena started experiencing terrible headaches and her vision began to blur. It slowly got to the point where she was unable to read or help her family do chores. No one knew what was causing Raveena’s headaches or blurred vision.  

Fortunately, Raveena’s family was visited by Karishma, a local community health worker who was trained at a nearby vision centre. Karishma immediately recognized that Raveena was suffering from refractive error, or near-sightedness. To Raveena and her family’s relief, they discovered that this could easily be solved by a pair of prescription eyeglasses.  

Thanks to the generosity of a donor like you, Raveena has resumed her studies and no longer suffers from headaches. She can once again participate in activities that she had to stop due to her failing vision, and her future remains as bright as ever. 

With her vision corrected, not only is Raveena able to focus on her own schoolwork, but she’s also able to help others with their work, too.
Raveena can once again help with the family chores such as taking care of livestock.