Eyeglasses help makes dreams a reality
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Vaishali is a 19-year-old girl who lives in Madhya Pradesh, India, with her grandparents and her younger sister. It is her goal to attend university, and she has been studying hard to make this dream a reality.

Unfortunately, she struggled with her studies over the last year because she was having problems with her eyesight. In addition to affecting her studies, it is also impacted her daily life and made things like household activities and supporting her uncle in his business difficult. Unable to concentrate on her studies for very long without getting a terrible headache, her dreams to attend university seemed out of reach.

Vaishali and her family knew that her struggles were due to vision impairment, but they didn’t know of any eye health facilities in their area, so they had nowhere to turn to for help. They worried that without treatment for her vision problems, her dream of attending university might not be possible.

Vaishali and her family with Monika

Fortunately, the family was visited by Monika, a community health worker from our partner Sewa Sadan Eye Hospital in Bairagarh, Bhopal. She was doing routine door-to-door eye screenings in the village as part of our community-based eye health initiative. Through the screening done by Monica, Vaishali learned that she had refractive error in both eyes. Simply put, she needed eyeglasses.

Monika told the family about a vision centre nearby and advised her to go there and get her eyes tested by an optometrist. She visited the vision centre with her family, and they felt very hopeful after they were counselled by the vision technician. During her visit she received a comprehensive eye check-up and a pair of prescription eyeglasses.

With her vision corrected, Vaishali’s dreams are now back on track. The eyeglasses are giving her a chance for a brighter future, thanks to donors like you.

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