A simple pair of eyeglasses transforms a young boy’s future
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When Mohammad was two years old, his vision was poor, and his family was advised to take him for regular eye examinations to monitor his vision loss. But his family lived in a small village in India far from an eye hospital, and they weren’t able to travel to seek regular eye health care for him.

His vision continued to worsen, which meant he was likely to struggle with learning when he became old enough to attend school.

Five years later, a vision centre was established in Sahaspur close to Mohammad’s home. His father took him to the vision centre, where he was diagnosed with refractive error and given a pair of custom prescription eyeglasses. Thanks to our donors, Mohammad can see clearly and has the potential for a much brighter future.

Mohammad is thrilled to be able to see the world around him clearly.
With a vision centre near his home, Mohammad had his vision checked and he was given custom prescription eyeglasses.
Vision centres are permanent facilities with the equipment and trained personnel to provide comprehensive eye exams to people from the surrounding communities.