With her vision restored, Elina is smiling again
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When Elina started to experience agonizing pain in her eyes, her options were limited. She lived in Munkala village in Zambia, more than 120 km away from a hospital, and her family couldn’t afford to travel there for her to see a doctor. They spent all they had looking for answers from traditional healers nearby, but Elina continued to suffer.

When Elina was discovered by Operation Eyesight, she was diagnosed with trachoma, a bacterial disease that leads to permanent blindness if it isn’t treated. Fortunately, she was diagnosed before she lost her vision. The surgery to treat her in-turning eyelashes and antibiotics to treat the infection were provided free of charge, thanks to our generous donors.

The following year, Elina’s vision had worsened, and she was diagnosed with cataracts. Once again, our donors made it possible for Elina to have surgery, this time to restore her vision.

Operation Eyesight’s mission is to prevent blindness and restore sight, and through support from our donors and partners, we were able to prevent blindness due to trachoma, and restore sight lost through cataracts for Elina. She now lives without pain, and she’s able to contribute to her family by cooking meals and walking to the nearby borehole to fetch clean water. Her life has been transformed, and she is smiling once again.