Restored vision brings the sparkle to a little boy’s eyes
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Mohammad is a little boy who had always suffered from poor eyesight. Even as a toddler, his vision seemed to keep him from doing more and more things a little boy should love to do. When he was two years old, a doctor at a government hospital advised his parents to take him to an eye hospital for check-ups every few months. Sadly, they couldn’t afford to travel the long distance to an eye hospital from their remote village in India.

With no solution available, Mohammad’s parents accepted that he would have to live with poor vision, completely reliant on others to help with simple daily tasks.

Imagine having no way to get help for your child as you worry about his future, knowing he could suffer for years with a vision problem without access to eye health care.

A couple of years later, a vision centre was established close to Mohammad’s home. His father took him for an eye exam, and he was provided with custom prescription eyeglasses. Just in time to start school, Mohammad can see!

Because of the generosity of donors like you, he will have no trouble learning to read or seeing the blackboard at school.

For children like Mohammad, access to eye health care provides the gift of a brighter future.

You can transform the life of a child like Mohammad. Your generosity can give a child the opportunities his parents thought he might never have. Please give the Gift of Sight today.

Mohammad is thrilled that he can see clearly. All it took was a simple pair of prescription eyeglasses!
When a vision centre was established near his home, Mohammad was able to get a full eye exam to determine the cause of his vision loss.
You can help bring access to eye health care for other children like Mohammad. A simple pair of eyeglasses can provide the gift of an education and a brighter future.