The Gift of Sight opens up educational opportunities for a young girl
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Marina is a 12-year-old girl who lives in a village in Assam state in India. She had always been a vibrant and happy girl who was eager to learn, but a few years ago, something had changed. Her teacher was the first to notice the deterioration in her vision. The teacher reported to her parents that her writing was suffering, and she couldn’t see the blackboard.

Her parents had noticed other issues at home. Marina seemed unhappy and irritated. It happened very slowly over time, but when they heard that Marina’s issue was affecting her performance in school, they were worried about her future.

Many children who live in remote villages continue to suffer when they develop treatable eye issues such as cataracts. Their parents may not be able to afford surgery, or even transportation to a hospital for an eye exam.

Fortunately, Marina lived close to a vision centre. Her parents were able to take her there for an exam, where she was referred for cataract surgery. Thanks to the generosity of our donors and our partners, Marina can see again and is excited to read and learn. She is once again the happy girl her parents knew!

“We are so grateful to the doctors for giving sight back to our daughter,” they said. “She is healthier and living a very happy life.”

For girls like Marina, access to eye health care provides the gift of education.

You can transform the life of a girl like Marina. Your generosity can give a child the healthy eyesight they need to craft a bright future. Please give the Gift of Sight today.

Now that Marina can see again, she’s back to the happy and vibrant girl she was before she started to lose her vision. She has a much brighter future ahead of her now that she can see to complete her schoolwork.
Having a vision centre near her home gave Marina the opportunity to access critical eye health care that many girls in her country don’t have.
Marina is beaming as she thanks the donors who made it possible for her to see again.