Vision is critical to livelihood for a man providing for his family
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Samson is a very active 72-year-old. He takes pride in working hard to provide for his family. He weaves baskets to sell in town and he tends to his field with a plough and oxen.

When he started to lose his sight, he was terrified. His ability to provide for his family depended on his ability to see. Without it, he couldn’t make baskets or care for his field. He worried that his family wouldn’t have enough to eat. He had no idea where to go for help.

When Samson heard about a screening camp arranged by Operation Eyesight in his village, he was happy to have the opportunity to access eye health care services. He was diagnosed with cataracts and referred for surgery that significantly improved his vision within a day. He was thrilled with the results and looked forward to having surgery on his other eye as well. Samson’s life was transformed, thanks to the generosity of our donors.

“By losing my eyesight, I lost my livelihood!” Samson said. “I am so happy I can see again and get back to making and selling baskets.”

For parents like Samson, access to eye health care gives the gift of the ability to provide for their families.

You can help more families like Samson’s. Your generosity can give a parent the peace of mind that his children won’t go hungry. Please give the Gift of Sight today.

Samson is smiling once again, now that he can get back to work to provide for his family.
Samson was able to have his eyes examined thanks to an eye screening camp near his home.