Meet our people: Bitul Hazarika

Bitul, an optometrist, measures the refractive error of a patient, using a slip lamp
Written by Colin Zak Donate Today

It’s our team’s passion for working in the field and caring for patients that allowed us to impact more lives in 2021.

“I have seen people who never expected to see again, because eye care services were far out of reach, not affordable and not accessible. They waited for their death,” explains Bitul Hazarika, a paramedical ophthalmic assistant with one of our partner hospitals.

“But when we reach them…with services and care to see again, I feel satisfaction of seeing these people smiling and thanking us for the services.”

Bitul has been working in the field since 1996. In addition to working in a vision centre, over his 26 years of service he has attended more than 500 screening camps, provided prescription eyeglasses to 700+ people and referred more than 300 patients for surgery.

Today, he’s working to make his home state of Arunachal Pradesh completely free of avoidable blindness.

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