Meet our people: the Cutlers
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For the Cutlers, philanthropy is a family affair.

Marty Cutler is many things – a certified business and life coach, a former Operation Eyesight board member, lover of funky hats and the patriarch of a large, blended family.

An Operation Eyesight supporter since 1985, Marty says it’s time to engage the next generation.

Our donors are the driving force behind our progress, enabling us to make a real difference in the lives of people affected by vision loss and preventable blindness.

“Recently, Marilyn and I have included one of our children and their spouse in our philanthropy,” he says. “Making these decisions as a unit fosters the next generation of philanthropists.”

Marty’s favourite thing about our work is knowing how far his dollar goes to save a life.

“It’s not life and death in the literal sense,” he explains. “When someone becomes blind, their access to education and employment becomes limited. They’re no longer living – they’re surviving.”

Marty says when one family member loses vision, the whole house suffers.

“Someone in the family steps up to be a full-time caregiver, meaning that their opportunities are also limited.”

Marty and Marilyn know their investment in us stretches to the individual, the family, and greater community.

“It’s important we teach our grandkids the importance of philanthropy and its impact on other families. Each time we contribute to Operation Eyesight, we know our dollar goes further than we can imagine.”