Eyeglasses end isolation for student

A student, wearing eyeglasses, smiles at the camera. In the background is his classroom and classmates.
Written by Leanna Smashnuk, published on September 19, 2022 Sign up for eNews

Remus is a top student in his class, but his inability to see the blackboard isolated him from his peers.

“I have always loved school,” says Remus, pictured above standing outside his classroom in Mfantseman, Central Ghana. “I plan to follow in my parents’ footsteps by getting a master’s degree in the future.”

For many years, he struggled to see the blackboard, typically arriving early to get a seat at the front of the room.

“I couldn’t sit with my friends during class. I never understood why I was the only one struggling to see. It made me feel isolated from them.”

Last year, as part of our school eye health program, Remus received a vision exam from his teacher and was referred for a formal exam from the resident optometrist.

“I was prescribed glasses that have changed everything,” he says. “I thought my condition was specific to me and no one else, but there are many other students who received glasses through this program – even one of my friends!”

Remus is now able to see far-off objects with confidence and clarity.

“I’m grateful to be able to see the blackboard while sitting with my friends. I no longer feel like the odd one out at school.”