Teaching children the true meaning of giving
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What’s the gift for someone who has everything? For Lana Cissell, the answer is simple.

“Our family gives the Gift of Sight,” she explains. “Because generosity is something we have to teach our kids.”

Lana’s parents began donating to Operation Eyesight on behalf of their children each year.

“It impacted me a lot and was a tradition we kept up with our two sons,” Lana says. “It became something my kids looked forward to. Growing up, they appreciated seeing the impact on another kid their own age.”

Lana Cissell (centre) and her husband, Peter, have been giving the Gift of Sight on behalf of their sons, Justin (right) and Carter (left, next to his partner, Larissa) for much of their lives. The impact is generational.

The Gift of Sight is a way to celebrate the holidays by making a donation in the name of a friend or loved one and have a transformational impact in the life of someone who needs eye health care. When you give the Gift of Sight, you can select from a variety of greeting cards or eCards to announce your gift. Each physical greeting card comes with a gift tag.

“If you can’t see, then you can’t work and you can’t provide for your family,” reflects Lana. “Everyone who receives a Gift of Sight card or gift tag always appreciates such a unique present.”

Lana says she’s inspired by how the simple Gift of Sight has moved others in her community to get involved with Operation Eyesight, including her own kids.

“Both of my sons and niece were eventually inspired to volunteer with Operation Eyesight during high school,” she says. “It taught them to give of themselves and do something bigger than themselves.”

This holiday season, Lana says she will again be calling in another order of Gift of Sight cards.

Thank you for your dedicated support, Lana and family!

Visit operationeyesight.com/GiftOfSight to donate today and start your own family tradition!