Beauty in the eye of the beholder

Woman from Bangladesh wearing a green sari smiles for the camera, sporting her prescription eyeglasses.
Written by Colin Zak Donate Today

For the past three years, headaches and watery red eyes were a constant reality for Tonnima, from a village in northern Bangladesh.

The 22-year-old works as a beautician and hopes to someday go to college, but vision trouble has meant difficulty reading, working and doing daily tasks at home.

“I thought that my sight problems would lead to bigger eye troubles in the future, which would affect my life,” she reflects.

Like many women in South Asia who face social barriers to seeking healthcare, Tonnima was embarrassed to tell others about her vision
problems. She says her family felt helpless and anxious.

Tonnima was grateful to learn that there was a vision centre just a kilometre away from her home, where she received an eye exam, a pair of prescription glasses and eye medication.

A woman wearing a green sari, from Bangladesh, applies eye makeup to another woman, at a home beauty studio.
Thanks to your support of our community-based programs, Tonnima was able to access eye health care through a local vision centre near her home in Bangladesh. Now she can pursue an education — and continue to work as a beautician!

The impact has been life changing.

“I’m very happy now, as I can see everything clearly and can do my regular work, and read and write,” Tonnima says.

“I hope to live a happy and prosperous life.”

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