Fresh water, fresh starts

Thanks to our donors and our local partners, the village of Lukanda B now has access to fresh, clean water. For children, especially girls, this means the opportunity to attend and excel in school, rather than hauling water for their families long distances. Proper hygiene also prevents the spread of blinding trachoma.

For the community of Lukanda B in central Zambia, the rehabilitation of the local water borehole has brought new life to the village. It is one of 38 boreholes in Kapiri Mposhi District that Operation Eyesight repaired in 2022, thanks to a team of pump minders we have trained in the area. Locallyavailable, safe water… Continue reading Fresh water, fresh starts

The gift of fresh water

When you give the Gift of Sight, not only are you helping to restore sight for individuals, but you’re also helping to prevent blindness for entire communities. Communities like Chitope in central Zambia. The Chitope water point is one of 20 defunct boreholes that Operation Eyesight-trained teams are rehabilitating across the district, thanks to a… Continue reading The gift of fresh water

Clean water provides the Gift of Sight to Zambia school

Mangos, guavas, lemons and heaps of vegetables – all things that students at a Mweela Primary School in Sinazongwe can cultivate now, thanks to a hand pump in the courtyard. Imagine going to school and not being able to access clean water. How would you stay hydrated? Stay clean and sanitary? Stay engaged in your… Continue reading Clean water provides the Gift of Sight to Zambia school

Downstream impact

Access to clean water doesn’t just help reduce the spread of infection, it transforms entire communities. It gives students like Natasha the chance to attend school instead of spending hours hauling water for her family.

In the village of Kwanga, in southern Zambia, the rehabilitation of a borehole has meant local access to abundant, fresh water for the entire community. For Natasha, it’s brought the ability to attend school full time. Previously, she had to walk several kilometres each day to fetch water for her family. This took so much… Continue reading Downstream impact