A father’s livelihood and hope restored

With his sight restored, Milan has been able to return to work at the tea estate. Through the generosity of donors like you, he has regained his independence and is now able to support his four children.

The ancient art of ‘tea plucking”’ requires the picker to identify and pluck only the freshest, newest shoots on the tea plant. It requires dexterity, speed and, most importantly, excellent eyesight.  So, imagine trying to pick tea efficiently when your eyes are clouded over with cataracts.  This was the situation for 36-year-old Milan, who lives… Continue reading A father’s livelihood and hope restored

A lifetime of generosity

Audrey Wilson worked as an environmental education teacher throughout her career and has had a lifelong passion for helping others – including animals and birds. She’s been donating to Operation Eyesight since our early days and still gives today because she’s seen our impact first-hand.

Audrey Wilson, 88, first learned about Operation Eyesight from an uncle who attended a talk given by Dr. Ben Gullison, whose work in Sompeta, India inspired Art Jenkyns to start our organization in 1963. “Nearly six decades ago, that meeting planted seeds that have grown into a lifetime of giving,” Audrey recalls. “It was one… Continue reading A lifetime of generosity

Double victory: Twin sisters overcome Retinopathy of Prematurity

“There would be no life without eyesight,” says Vinit, the proud father of twin girls, Ayan and Vyan.   Last summer, Vinit and his wife Anchal learned that their baby girls were born with Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP). Together, the family has faced a challenging journey, witnessing the incredible growth and resilience of their precious daughters.… Continue reading Double victory: Twin sisters overcome Retinopathy of Prematurity

Making eye care part of health systems

Putting people first – Integrated Peoplecentred Eye Care (IPEC) is the gold standard in global eye health and has been a key part of our approach for decades. Understanding the unique needs, preferences and values of individuals and communities allows us to strengthen health systems in villages like Hong, in Arunachal Pradesh. Here, the vision centre is part of the local wellness centre.

Today, we are one of the few nongovernmental organizations partnering with the Government of India to open vision centres in existing government health facilities, bringing quality eye health care to underserved communities. Together, we are establishing and equipping vision care facilities, training existing healthcare staff and developing a continuum of care for patients – from… Continue reading Making eye care part of health systems