The value of clean water – World Water Day 2021

This year’s World Water Day theme is valuing water. On March 22, we celebrate World Water Day by recognizing that the value of water is much more than its price. Water is an integral part of our daily lives and impacts health, education, economics and our environment. Ensuring the availability and sustainable management of water… Continue reading The value of clean water – World Water Day 2021

Community establishes hygienic roots

Evalina Kalata is a child of displacement. Before she was born, Evalina’s parents, along with 57,000 other poor tribespeople who lived along the banks of Zambia’s Zambezi River, were forced out of their homes to allow for construction of the gigantic Kariba Dam. Evalina grew up in a re-settled and remote village called Nang’amba, where… Continue reading Community establishes hygienic roots