Operation Eyesight presents: Sight is Life

Rescheduling of Sight is Life event

Thank you for your interest in Operation Eyesight and our impactful work.  Out of caution and concern, the Sight is Life events previously scheduled for May will be held on a new date, in accordance with guidelines from government authorities.

We look forward to seeing you at the Sight is Life event, and to the unique opportunity to share our story with you. We have a special evening planned, filled with impact stories, amazing video footage and outstanding catering from our partners.

Why Sight is Life

In our countries of work, sight is life. Impaired vision can have devastating consequences on individuals, families, communities and entire countries.

Canadians with visual impairment can easily access resources to improve their quality of life. But for individuals living in developing countries, where health care is scarce or unaffordable, losing your sight has a profound effect on one’s socioeconomic status. Vision loss can rob people of their independence, financial stability, opportunity and dignity.

People who live in South Asia and Africa are five to 10 times more likely to go blind than those living in developed countries. Blindness is so prevalent in low-and middle-income countries due to poverty, inadequate access to clean water and malnutrition. Poverty is both a cause and consequence of blindness. Often, access to affordable medical care or a healthy living environment is unattainable. Without intervention many people suffer the unnecessary consequences of blindness.

There is good news; 80 percent of blindness can be prevented or cured. This is what is known as “avoidable blindness”. Through our interventions, individuals suffering from avoidable blindness gain access to treatment, education and clean water.

A 2020 vision for all our beneficiaries is what we aspire to the coming year, 2020. We are taking the opportunity to host awareness events to share Operation Eyesight’s inspiring work. We are honoured to champion this event on behalf of our beneficiaries in marginalized and vulnerable populations. Join us, together we can eliminate avoidable blindness!

For more information, or to discuss sponsorship opportunities, contact:

Kira DeVries
Director of Development
Office: 587-327-5681

Kristin Poch
Community Engagement Specialist
Office: 403-283-6323