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Donate monthly and join the moment to help prevent blindness and restore sight across the globe.

Vision is a basic human right. For those of us accustomed to scheduling our yearly eye exam or begrudgingly selecting a new pair of frames, we may not think twice about this. While eye health care is easily accessible and affordable – and often covered through insurance in countries like Canada – there are huge gaps in other parts of the world that leave many to experience vision impairment that could have been prevented or has yet to be rectified.

Become a Global Visionary Donate Monthly

The Global Visionaries are a community of more than 700 generous and passionate people dedicated to helping their neighbours near and far with the gift of sight. With your monthly donation, you can help build on eye health care capacity and resilience in underserved communities and prevent suffering due to visual impairment. And your gift has sustainable impact.

Why Making a Monthly Gift is Particularly Impactful

Sustaining the Gift of Sight

When you subscribe to give monthly, you are supporting Operation Eyesight’s efforts with a predictable and sustainable flow of income that is reliable. As we build programs and expand our operations, your recurring support allows us to confidently make spending decisions, nimbly respond to emergency situations and ultimately help more people.

Lower Administration Costs

When you become a Global Visionary, we know we can depend on you, one of our most loyal supporters, so we can send fewer letters soliciting support. This saves us time and money and allows us to refocus our efforts on making quality vision care accessible through other initiatives. Giving online is even better. We’ll communicate with you electronically, saving on the increasing costs of paper, ink and postage.

Smaller Donations, Larger Impact

As global citizen who believes in equitable access to eye health care, you’re passionate about the cause and you dedicate yourself towards it. A little goes a long way at Operation Eyesight thanks to our Global Visionaries monthly giving program. A one-time or annual gift of $300 might be out of your budget, but if a $30 per month donation is manageable, you’ll be able to contribute $360 over the course of the year, helping transform even more lives with the gift of sight. Just imagine the ripple effect of hundreds of people committing to help make this change…

Why Making a Monthly Gift is Particularly Convenient

Once you fill out our monthly donation form, that’s it! We’ll keep track of all your donations and send you one consolidated tax receipt at the end of the year, while keeping you informed of your impact along the way. It will also be easier to manage your holiday philanthropic support – no rushing to donate before the charitable tax year ends. If your circumstances ever change and you need to adjust your donation level, temporarily suspend or even cancel your gift, a simple email or phone call is all it takes.

Benefits of Becoming a Global Visionary

As one of our most loyal supporters, you’ll get insider access to the work of Operation Eyesight, including the following:

  • Regular updates on the impact of your monthly donation and behind-the-scenes happenings [coming soon]
  • Early access to videos, announcements and blog posts before they’re released publicly
  • Periodic invitations to exclusive events, webinars and other opportunities as available
  • A dedicated staff member you can contact directly with questions about your giving, impact or Operation Eyesight in general

Join the movement today. Subscribe to become a Global Visionary with a monthly gift and you too can help give thousands of people the gift of sight.