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For more than 60 years, we have been working alongside communities to prevent blindness and restore sight.
Together, we are:

A Global Community

Our vision is global, but our focus is local. Our team’s presence on the ground allows us to act quickly and leverage the unique strengths of our communities of work. Here’s how we do it:

Local Partnerships

By training local health workers and establishing local vision centres, we create lasting and sustainable change within communities and connect patients with eye health care as well as their larger health system. 

Strengthening Health Systems

We work with existing health systems to improve access to and quality of eye health care. Through our referral network of 60+ partner hospitals, we help patients access eye surgery and advanced care that is affordable, or in many cases, free of charge.

More Than Eye Health

Through activities like community outreach, water and sanitation projects, and health education, we are addressing the root causes of avoidable vision loss, such as poverty, poor sanitation and gender inequality.

Did you know that

90% of vision loss is


Operation Eyesight is transforming lives by preventing blindness and restoring sight for people around the world. We partner with local health workers, hospitals and governments to bring eye care services to remote and underserved communities, and we provide education and resources to help communities manage their own eye health.

Join our global community of supporters. With your help, we can prevent blindness and restore sight – For All The World To See.

Our Partners

Together, we are furthering our mission to prevent blindness and restore sight.

Our Partners

Together, we are furthering our mission to prevent blindness and restore sight.