Little girl’s hope for the future is restored
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Hellen with her eyeglasses, looking at the camera
Hellen’s life has changed thanks to people like YOU!

Twelve-year-old Hellen was struggling so much at school that she eventually dropped out. What was the point if she could hardly see to keep up with her studies?

At home, she couldn’t help her mother pick up groceries from nearby shops because she couldn’t see to walk alone.

“I depended on my siblings to do my chores, and my mother thought I was being lazy. She didn’t understand my problem,” says a frustrated Hellen.  

As her vision deteriorated, Hellen not only stopped studying – she stopped playing with other kids her age.

Thanks to YOU, there was hope.

Hellen’s life changed the day her teacher screened her eyes at school and referred her for treatment at our partner hospital. Hellen was diagnosed with bilateral cataract and received sight-restoring surgery as well as a pair of prescription eyeglasses.

“Since the operation, my life took another turn,” says Hellen happily. “With my sight back, I’ve made new friends, and I’m confident in my future. I’m grateful for the support I received. Without it, I would still be at home.”

Hellen in her classroom with other students
Hellen is back at school, and she’s so grateful for your help!

Donors like you made it possible for children like Hellen to see their futures in focus. There are thousands more children like her who are struggling with treatable blindness and low vision. Make a donation today to help keep kids in school and give them hope for a brighter future – For All The World To See!