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What Is the Gift of Sight Program?

Help more people achieve their potential by giving the Gift of Sight. As a charity for the blind, our Gift of Sight program helps provide education and opportunities for parents to better provide for their families. Through our giving program, we have transformed lives by providing access to eye health care for children in schools across countries such as India, Nepal, Ghana, Ethiopia, Kenya and Zambia. This collaborative program was developed to remove barriers to access to clean water, simple eye examinations and prescription eyeglasses.

How to Donate Eyeglasses

Although Operation Eyesight is no longer collecting used eyeglasses, there are other ways you can donate eyeglasses to those who may not be able to afford a pair on their own. Providing eyeglasses to individuals is vital to our inclusive, integrated approach to eye health care. We work with partners in South Asia and Africa to establish vision centers that offer vision exams and custom eyeglasses fittings.

Providing a brand new pair of prescription eyeglasses costs just $20 and significantly improves the lives of individuals with vision impairment. Your $20 eyeglasses donation not only helps our vision centers come closer to being self-sustaining, but provides endless opportunities for success to individuals.

Donate a pair of eyeglasses by donating to Operation Eyesight.

Ways to Help

90% of all blindness and vision loss is avoidable. Donating to effective blindness charities helps give the world sight.

Operation Eyesight is a charity whose mission is to prevent blindness and restore sight. You can be a part of fulfilling this mission with many ways to contribute. The fight against blindness starts by raising and directing funds to accelerate the availability of vision loss treatment centers both at home and abroad.


Order a gift for a friend or loved one and give the gift of sight.


Make a donation to prevent blindness and restore sight for people in developing countries.


Gift stock or annuities and gift someone the chance for a brighter future.


Designate a gift to Operation Eyesight in your will and leave a legacy of sight and hope.