Our Partners

Building strong partnerships is at the core of what we do. Our partners help us mobilize and share knowledge, technology and resources to ensure that our work is efficient, intersectional and impactful. Through partnership and collaboration, we reach new audiences and beneficiaries, effectively furthering our mission to prevent blindness and restore sight.

Strategic Partners

We partner with the following organizations to work toward our shared goal of eliminating avoidable blindness. These strategic partnerships allow us to leverage each other’s unique expertise to reach the maximum impact for those who need it the most.


Operation Eyesight is proud to be affiliated with the following organizations. By working together and sharing knowledge, expertise and experience, we can maximize our results and engage new audiences towards achieving our shared goals.

Corporate Partners

By partnering with Operation Eyesight, you can achieve your company’s community investment goals while making a lasting, meaningful impact on the lives of children, women and men around the world.

Institutional Partners

We’re grateful for our funding partners who have joined us in our mission to prevent blindness and restore sight. We seek out relationships that will allow us to achieve our strategic and programmatic objectives with the greatest impact possible.

Interested in partnering with Operation Eyesight? 

For information about Strategic Partnerships and Affiliations, please contact Danielle Gibbie.
For information about Corporate Partnerships, please send us an email