Jerusha Chege

Program Coordinator

Jerusha Chege is a Community Development Practitioner driven by transformational development initiatives that ensure life is worth living for the less privileged in the society. As a Development Worker based in Kajiado, Kenya, she strives to collaborate with other like-minded partners to ensure patients and families get quality and holistic services. Jerusha believes in creating solutions for the challenges faced by many Kenyan communities. She joined Operation Eyesight in January 2022 as a Program Coordinator. 

Jerusha has a good understanding of partnership management and is also skilled in planning, implementation and evaluation of social development initiatives.  Previously, she was involved in projects focusing on HIV/AIDS continuum of care through empowerment projects.  

When she thinks about Operation Eyesight, the three words that come to mind are ‘change,’ ‘empowerment’ and ‘goodwill,’ because she sees Operation Eyesight bring a lot of hope to communities and individuals through the gift of sight.    

In her spare time Jerusha loves to try out new recipes and loves singing and travelling.