A teen’s schooling is back in focus
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Fourteen-year-old Grace lives in Saltpond, Ghana with her parents and two younger siblings. She is a junior high school student, but lately was struggling to see the blackboard. She started relying on her classmates to read the blackboard to her, and was afraid that over time, she would lose her vision completely.

Noticing her struggles, Grace’s headteacher called her parents in and expressed his concerns about Grace’s vision. He suggested they take her to nearby Saltpond Government Hospital, one of Operation Eyesight’s partner hospitals. An optometrist from the facility had visited the school to conduct school eye screenings in 2019, which is how the headteacher knew how to recognize Grace’s condition and where to send her for treatment.

Her mother was worried that their family would not be able to afford treatment, but she heeded the headteacher’s advice and took Grace to the hospital anyway. The family was relieved to hear that Grace’s vision problems could be solved with a pair of prescription eyeglasses, and that our generous donors made it possible for her to get the eyeglasses free of charge.

Grace wearing her eyeglasses in school, where she can now clearly see the blackboard

Today, Grace can read the blackboard with ease. Even better, if she notices one of her classmates struggling to see clearly, she’ll know to tell them to visit Saltpond Government Hospital for help.

Globally, uncorrected refractive errors are the main cause of visual impairment. A simple eye examination and a pair of prescription eyeglasses can transform a person’s life. Please donate today to help more students like Grace.