Your vote can help prevent blindness and restore sight

We are proud to announce that Operation Eyesight has been nominated for a 2020 Canadian SDG Accelerators Award. As a supporter of Operation Eyesight, you have helped us improve health and well-being for people who desperately need it. Thank you for your support! Now we need you to vote to help us receive this award for the Non-Business category.

To be recognized with this award will help give our organization more exposure, which will help us create even more impact for those affected by avoidable blindness in developing countries – preventing blindness and restoring sight for more people.

The Canadian SDG Accelerators Awards

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) represent a universal call to action to create a more fair, just and equitable world, ensuring no one is left behind. In 2015, all member states of the United Nations adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. This agenda is comprised of 17 SDGs that provide a shared blueprint for a more peaceful, prosperous and sustainable future for all. While all of the goals are interconnected, at Operation Eyesight we focus on five goals that are core to our mission of preventing blindness and restoring sight.

Global Compact Network Canada is presenting the Canadian SDG Accelerators Awards to recognize Canadian organizations for their efforts to implement the SDGs. These organizations promote and champion the SDGs through their work, setting an example to accelerate their entire industry towards more sustainable practices.

Our application for the awards primarily highlights the work we do to promote SDG #3 – Good Health and Well-being. Click here to read our full application.

How does eye health affect overall health and well-being?

Blindness impacts individuals, families and entire communities by keeping adults from earning a living and maintaining independence, and limiting the ability of children to learn and play. When people suffer from poor eye health, quality of life is diminished and the cycle of poverty is perpetuated.

Our programs are designed to provide quality eye care to all, regardless of age, gender or ability to pay. As a result, we’re able to provide care to people who would otherwise go unreached, and their communities become healthier and stronger.