Peek Vision has changed this teacher’s life!
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Kizito standing in front of a wall, looking at the camera
Kizito is so grateful for Peek Vision. Through school screenings, his students are getting the eye care they need!

Imagine if you were a teacher who had a visually impaired student pulled out of class because her parents believed witchcraft was the cause. It may seem strange, but this was Kizito’s experience.

Using the PEEK  app on his smartphone, he screened the girl and referred her to a partner hospital for diagnosis and treatment. She then received sight-restoring cataract surgery.

Before she was treated, the girl’s mother was accused of causing her daughter’s visual impairment by attracting bad luck into their home. Sadly, the father left shortly after.

After she received surgery, another teacher reached out to the father and educated him about his daughter’s condition. Once he understood that it was a treatable medical condition, he returned to his family. Kizito’s student is back at school, and she has hope for her future.

“Peek Vision helps to manage eye conditions within the school and facilitates referral and follow up with affected students,” Says Kizito. “Most importantly, Peek Vision is creating eye health awareness and advocacy within the community.”

Kizito observes one of his students writing on the black board
Kizito screens one of his students using Peek vision in the classroom.

Our kind-hearted donors are making it possible for teachers like Kizito to transform the lives of students. Make a donation today to help thousands more children receive the eye care they need, giving them hope for a brighter future – For All The World To See!