Healthy students, healthy futures

Thanks to the generosity of our partners and donors, these students now have access to clean, fresh water. This in turn has helped improve attendance. Photo: Zenegnaw Adimtew / Partners in Education Ethiopia.

Every parent wants their child to be safe, happy and healthy at school – Abichikili Secondary School is no exception.  It’s one of five schools across Ethiopia’s state of Amhara where the attendance rate for girls decreases each year due to inaccessibility of clean water and bathroom facilities.  “Students had to walk for more than… Continue reading Healthy students, healthy futures

Making eye care part of health systems

Putting people first – Integrated Peoplecentred Eye Care (IPEC) is the gold standard in global eye health and has been a key part of our approach for decades. Understanding the unique needs, preferences and values of individuals and communities allows us to strengthen health systems in villages like Hong, in Arunachal Pradesh. Here, the vision centre is part of the local wellness centre.

Today, we are one of the few nongovernmental organizations partnering with the Government of India to open vision centres in existing government health facilities, bringing quality eye health care to underserved communities. Together, we are establishing and equipping vision care facilities, training existing healthcare staff and developing a continuum of care for patients – from… Continue reading Making eye care part of health systems

A family’s passion: an interview with Dr. Geoffrey Wiafe

For Dr. Geoffrey Wiafe, ophthalmology is a family passion. He joined the team at Watborg Eye Services in Ghana in April 2021, where he works alongside his father, Dr. Boateng “Bo” Wiafe, our Technical Advisor. Together, they provide eye surgery and advanced eye care to the country’s underserved patients and communities. Did we mention his… Continue reading A family’s passion: an interview with Dr. Geoffrey Wiafe